Porsche Air conditioning re-gassing service

Porsche Air Conditioning Service on Teesside – Keep Cool

Air Conditioning Re Gassing

Porsche Air Conditioning Re Gassing Service

While you are having your car serviced with us why not have your air conditioning re gassed. Your air con should be used all year round to prevent seals in the system from going brittle which eventually leads to your air con system leaking.  This is a non expensive process to keep everything working correctly in your pride and joy.

The gas in most air conditioning systems has a natural leak off rate of around 10-15% per year which if left untreated can result in not only ineffective cabin cooling but also an increased fuel consumption due to the extreme pressures the compressor is put under attempting to supply / maintain an acceptable level of cooling and worst than this could result in system deterioration and failure of expensive components.

By spending a small amount on an annual or bi-annual basis having the air conditioning system serviced in your Porsche you are reducing the risk and additional expense of having to repair / replace fail components but also maintain driver comfort

Porsche Air Conditioning Testing

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